Terms & Conditions of Service

By having your wheelie bin cleaned by Bin Fairy you are automatically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of trading as detailed below. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Bin Fairy directly.

1. All wheelie bin cleaning will take place either on the customer’s premises, or at the kerbside directly outside the customer’s property.

2. All wheelie bins scheduled for cleaning must be left available either at the kerbside, or near the perimeter of the customer’s property on the agreed cleaning day, to provide quick access for cleaning.

3. The cleaning operative will leave the bin on the customer’s property in such manner as not to obstruct access by vehicles or pedestrians, except in circumstances where the bin is left on public property for the convenience of the customer.

4. Cleaning of the customer’s wheelie bin will be carried out on the interior surfaces, including inside of lid, using pressurised jet washing equipment. The jet wash will be connected to a mobile water source supplied by Bin Fairy, which uses a combination of recycled water and cleaning detergent.

5. Whilst every effort will be made to remove all dirt from the interior surfaces of the bin, in some instances this may take several attempts, over several visits. In some instances, it may not be possible to completely remove marks or stains on the surface of the bin.

6. Regular bin washing is based on the customer taking reasonable steps to prevent food waste and other items entering the bin outside of the bin bags, as this can attract unwanted pests. If at any time Bin Fairy suspect that the service is being abused, we reserve the right to cancel the service immediately with no refund for any fees paid.

7. Cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the wheelie bin is not compulsory, and will only be carried out by the operative if they consider it safe to do so. If cleaning of the exterior surface takes place, then a combination of light pressure washing and cloths will be used.

8. Pressure washing is a dangerous activity which carries risk of injury to others, and as such customers should observe a safe distance when cleaning is in operation, at least 5 metres. Bin Fairy will not accept liability if customers place either themselves or their property within 5 metres of the pressure washer whilst cleaning is taking place.

9. Any waste material left in the bin prior to cleaning, either loose or impacted onto surface, may be bagged up and left in customer bin for their own disposal. Such waste may be wet as a result of the cleaning process.

10. We reserve the right to miss a clean under the following circumstances:
a) If access to property is blocked by parked vehicles or any other obstruction, and no safe access available within 10 metres of property.
b) If the bin has not been placed out for collection by customer.
c) If it appears the refuse/recycling/garden collection has been missed for that day and the bin remains un-emptied.
d) If the bin has been removed from the specified place after emptying and not left available for cleaning by customer.
e) If any items of rubbish or debris remain in the bin that are considered excessive by the cleaning operative.
f) If animal or human waste (e.g. nappies or faeces) remain in the bin, either contained in or out of packaging.
g) If prevailing weather conditions such as wind, rain, ice or snow make driving or access dangerous.

11. The customer must advise Bin Fairy at least 24 hours beforehand if the bin will not be available for cleaning on the scheduled date, or they may be charged for a missed clean if the bin is not available.

12. If the bin is emptied after midday, then we reserve the right to clean the following day. We reserve the right to permanently reschedule the clean to following day if necessary.

13. We reserve the right to reschedule your bin clean in the instance of staff holiday, staff sickness, vehicle or machinery breakdown, seasonal holidays, or to consolidate rounds (e.g. to combine with other cleans in the same road). Every effort will be made to give at least 24 hours’ notice, but when unforeseen circumstances arise this may not be possible.


14. All payments for work completed must be remitted to Bin Fairy within 7 days of each clean taking place.

15. Payment will only be accepted by Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Cash only. All payments must be received in £’s sterling.

16. All customers are required to set-up a Direct Debit with Bin Fairy using a weblink supplied by Bin Fairy, even if paying for washes in advance, to ensure payment can be collected if the customer account gets into arrears.

17. All advance payments for a set of washes must be paid on or before the first date of scheduled cleaning.
18. Any overdue payments may be referred to a collections agency.

19. We will advise on the commencement date and frequency of cleaning, it is the customers responsibility to ensure they are aware of when the bin needs to be available for cleaning.

20. All pay as you go rounds are subject to a minimum term of 6 months. If cancelled before 6 months then we reserve the right to charge for any cleans due on the remaining term.

21. All rounds will continue as per agreed schedule unless otherwise advised by the customer, or if terminated by Bin Fairy. After initial offer for any advance washes expires then subsequent washes will be charged at the prevailing pay as you go rate.

22. Any credit paid for advance washes is non-refundable, and can only be used for the scheduled washes.

23. By agreeing to have your bin(s) washed regularly by Bin Fairy, you are agreeing to have a permanent sticker placed on your bin with the Bin Fairy company logo and contact details, and the customer house number/name.

24. By supplying your details to Bin Fairy Ltd, you are agreeing for them to be used and stored on the internal company database. Your details may be used for marketing purposes, including contact by e-mail, text message and letter.

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