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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my bin regularly cleaned?

The question should be, why wouldn’t you get them regularly cleaned? Wheelie Bins are a breeding ground for bacteria, which can have serious repercussions if not kept at bay. By having your wheelie bin regularly cleaned it allows us to keep on top of this problem for you. If a bin is left too long without cleaning then generally you get a build-up of bacteria and dirt, which can also attract unwanted pests, not to mention the smell! You clean everywhere else in your home, why not your bins?

Why wouldn’t I clean them myself?

If you have a water supply and a hose, you’d probably think to yourself, ‘I’ll do this myself’. It often comes down to time, and convenience. We have specialised pressure washing equipment to do the job properly, and plenty of experience to make sure your bins are always left spotless. We often say ‘I’ll get around to that soon’ and then 6 months passes by and the problem has only got worse!

Why wouldn’t I just have them cleaned in Summer?

When it’s a nice hot summer, we always tend to notice the problem with our wheelie bins more, as the smell can often become unbearable! The trouble is, when it’s got to this stage it is generally already attracting unwanted pests and vermin, so why wait for it to get that bad? Cleaning all year round reduces the build-up of bacteria and dirt, which if left untended can cause more serious problems.

What type of bins do you clean?

We clean all types of wheelie bin, from landfill, recycling, garden, and even large commercial wheelie bins. So long as your bin is compatible with our lifting equipment (which is similar to that used by refuse collectors), then it shouldn’t be a problem.

When do you clean them?

We generally clean the bin the same day it is emptied, or the day after. As long as the bin is empty we can clean it on any day, please enquire into our availability.

How regularly do you clean them?

Most of our bins are cleaned every 4 weeks, but some customers have special requirements which we will always try to accommodate. Prices vary dependant on frequency of cleaning, please get in contact if you have specific requirements.

Do I have to be at home when my bin is cleaned?

As most of our customers pay in by Direct Debit or in advance, you don’t have to be in when your bin is cleaned. So long as you remember to put your bin out for emptying, and leave it out afterwards, we will be able to clean it and return it to your doorstep completely hassle free.

How do I pay you?

We have a number of advance payment plans which are payable Bank Transfer, with our Pay As You Go option availably by Direct Debit. 

Do I have to supply my own water?

No, we supply everything necessary to clean the bin. We carry our own water supply and detergents.

If you have any other questions relating to our services, that are not covered above, or you need more information, then please don't hesitate to contact us

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