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Domestic/Household Wheelie Bin Cleaning - How does it work?
  • We visit on the same day or day after the bin is emptied

  • You leave the bin empty and accessible for cleaning

  • We carry all the necessary water and cleaning materials for the job

  • We will clean the bin by the kerbside or on your property 

  • You pay us in advance by Bank Transfer or Pay As You Go via Direct Debit

  • You can make a booking request here

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Haywards Heath

We recommend you have your bins cleaned every 4 weeks, and here are the reasons why:

  • Most councils, including Mid-Sussex District, operate on a fortnightly collection cycle, meaning some rubbish spends up to 14 days festering in your bin, creating unpleasant smells and spreading bacteria.

  • Bins often attract pests, even when they don't appear to smell. These pests can spread more unwanted germs and bacteria over the surfaces of your bin.

  • Bags can easily split, emptying the contents directly into your wheelie bin.

  • If food waste enters your bin directly, then all of the above problems become worse.

  • The waste collectors sometimes deposit other bags into your bin before they are emptied, exposing your bin to other people's waste.

  • Your bin comes into contact with the waste collection vehicle every time it is emptied, exposing it to yet more germs, bacteria and dirt, none of your own making.

  • In hot weather all these problems can be a whole lot worse, and inevitably a lot of people end up with the dreaded maggots!

We operate regular rounds in the mid-sussex area, please check our coverage page to see if we cover your area. If you have any further questions then you can e-mail us at, alternatively if you've checked we cover your area and you are ready to book, then you can complete our booking form here.

Bin Fairy also have the equipment to clean up your commercial bins, up to and including 1100 litre bins. Commercial bins often attract even more smells and dirt than domestic bins, especially at restaurants or anywhere dealing with food waste.

We work with property managers to ensure that communal bins are cleaned on a regular basis, we can handle large numbers of bins and ensure that they're cleaned to the high standards that all our domestic customers receive.

Contact us today to receive a quote for your commercial or communal bins. Obtain a quote now

Commercial Service
Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning
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